We are artists and creatives.

We’ve been working in the art world for centuries, and we know how to make things that change the way we see the world.



Digital Hybrid Classic | Pieces Projects Installations

Upcoming Presentations 2022/23

  • Hybrid Bridge
  • Neo’s Ark
  • Crushed2Life

Our most loved art projects of the past:
* 14 too Short: Production and curation of a group installation of 50 artists on 2000 square meters
* The Room: Installation of huge photo graphics on heavy wooden panels hanging from the ceiling of a cathedral structure, creating a transcendental space
* X94 Berlin: Direction and curation of Europe’s biggest art festival until now
* 240 Minutes: Exhibition of two fake world famous photographers, subsequent extensive press reports
* Artist residencies: Artist Farm Buch/Akademie der Künste Berlin, Bagamoyo College of Arts/Tanzania
* An Adventure of the Fart Brothers: 🎥 
* Johnson Texts: Poetry Slams + Book Project

* Fucking Random: Scenographic Installation – Quintet for trumpet, wind machine, two actors and a train set
* The Most Travelled Man: Interactive Room – Installation



Our Metaverse + W3F is going

Digital Innovation + Interactive Development

Our most interesting commercial innovation and exhibition projects:
* Mercedes Benz IAA 1999: 10,000 square meters of interactive experience, concept team and management lead, IF Exhibition Award in Gold
* more than 10 years of experience in accompanying cultural institutions in their digital transformation from the Berlin Philharmonics to the State Art Collections Dresden
* Adidas Predator Roadshow Europe: Interactive landscape parcour
* development of interactive exhibits for the Glasgow Science Center
* more than 10 years of experience in conducting innovation workshops and digital product development with media companies from Axel Springer to ZDF Studios




Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Berliner Philharmoniker, National Gallery PragueGlasgow Science Center, Klassik Stiftung Weimar, Akademie der Künste Berlin, Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden, German Lost Art Foundation, WWF, Bertelsmann Stiftung, MWW Research Association, Museum Schnütgen, Suhrkamp Verlag, ZFDG – Journal for Digital Humanities, 20th Century FoxMercedes-Benz, ZDF Studios, Museum of Natural  History Berlin,  … and many many more hard working, dazzling people