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Projects + Presentations 2023/24

  • The Hybrid Bridge, ongoing
    [Soft launch and lab phase from June 24, 2022 to Sep. 31, 22 @ Kunsthalle Lipsiusbau + Mystetskyi Arsenal]


  • #jonznJumps, digital collectibles series, generated with #AI | #111
  • Slavertificial Negligence, corresponding large-scale painting series, #SN | #11

Some of our best art/projects of the past:

  • 14 too Short: A Wonderland of visual arts + performances, created from 50 artists on 2000 square meters
  • The Room: A composition of free-floating large silkscreens forming a space within a space, wind machines, spoken word, specially composed music
  • X94: Europe’s largest art festival to date, 15 locations, 25 exhibitions, 250 performances
  • 240 Minutes: A successful fake exhibition that played on the ignorance of the public under the influence of believed fame and success
  • Fucking Random: Scenographic Installation – Quintet for trumpet, two actors, a train set and a wind machine




Areas/examples of digital innovation and interactive development:

  • Accompanying cultural institutions in their digital transformation and product development from the Berliner Philharmoniker to the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
  • Mercedes Benz IAA Frankfurt: 10,000 square meters of interactive experiences, concept team and management lead, IF Exhibition Award in Gold
  • Conducting innovation workshops and digital product development with media companies from Axel Springer to ZDF Studios



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