Digital, Hybrid and Classic | Pieces, Projects and Installations

Featured Art & Displays: 2023/24

  • Jonzn Jumps, on-chain digital collectibles series, generated together with AI, capturing the essence of human movement and self-expression in the leap through time and space | #jonznJumps #111

  • Soul Geology, large-scale painting series,

    each painting in this series represents a unique moment in the ongoing geological history of the soul, revealing the complex patterns that emerge over time in our lives | #soulgeology #11

  • The Hybrid Bridge, ongoing
    [Soft launch and lab phase from June 24, 2022 to Sep. 31, 22 @ Kunsthalle Lipsiusbau + Mystetskyi Arsenal]
    “The ‘Hybrid Bridge`’ is a unique museum lab and online sculpture that connects real-world locations with online visitors. Through monitors, which are as big as doors and act like portals into another world, visitors can directly interact and converse with different institutions and art enthusiasts worldwide. The ‘Hybrid Bridge’ offers a distinctive experience, allowing spontaneous encounters as well as participation in workshops, guided tours, artist talks, and openings.

Some of our best art/projects:

  • 14 to Short: A Wonderland of visual arts + performances, created from 50 artists on 2000 square meters

  • The Room: A composition of free-floating large silkscreens forming a space within a space, wind machines, spoken word, composed music

  • X94: Europe’s largest art festival to date, 15 locations, 25 exhibitions, 250 performances

  • 240 Minutes: A successful fake exhibition that played on the ignorance of the public under the influence of believed fame and success

  • Fucking Random: Scenographic Installation – Quintet for trumpet, two actors, a train set and a wind machine


Some of our best digital innovation/interactive development projects:

  • Accompanying cultural institutions in their digital transformation from the Berliner Philharmoniker to the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

  • Mercedes Benz IAA Frankfurt: 10,000 square meters of interactive experiences, concept team and management lead, IF Exhibition Award in Gold

  • Conducting innovation workshops and digital product development with media companies from Axel Springer to ZDF Studios



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